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Time to take your first step?

Our people are the most important factor in our success, as together we create unique experiences for our customers!

Kinsen Hellas, a strategic partner of Europcar Mobility Group, a European leader in vehicle rental services and a global provider of mobility solutions for the automotive industry, is looking for passionate students with zeal and willingness to thrive!

The future, to a large extent, also relies on the hands of young people. This is something we know very well at Kinsen Hellas. That is why we actively support them by offering paid and/or unpaid internships. The young people who choose to take their first working step with us can be sure that they will acquire technical training, knowledge, experience in everyday working conditions, and professional skills, all necessary for their connection with the labor market.

Through their internship, students will have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and secure a stable job in a modern working environment.

During this experiential journey, all students will have the opportunity to join key development projects while participating in real projects!

...more than just an internship...

An internship has the main purpose of gaining experience and getting to know the daily working life of an organization.

The internship program at Kinsen Hellas offers students:

  • Exposure to real working conditions.
  • Undertaking actual tasks based on predefined job descriptions.
  • Systematic mentoring, on-the-job training, and feedback.
  • Support and guidance from qualified HR executives.

Through the internship experience, the benefits are numerous:

  • Connection with the labor market
  • Gaining work experience in specialized fields
  • Employment in the labor market, gaining access to professional experience
  • Strengthening self-awareness and self-improvement

For students who want to do their internship at Kinsen Hellas, the process is simple:

Are you a university student? The steps are:

  1. Interested students contact the university's internship/career office about the process of joining the subsidized program.
  2. Completion of the required steps for the approval of the application by the internship/career office.
  3. Logging into the ATLAS platform where all available Kinsen Hellas internships are posted and submitting an application.

Are you a Higher Technological Institution student? The steps are:

  1. Possibility of employment in two periods, from 1 October-31 March and from 1 April-30 September, with a specific field of study.
  2. Interested students can contact the internship/career office for guidance on the application process at Kinsen.
  3. The start of each period is announced through official updates from the Higher Technological Institution.

Are you a student at Vocational Training Institute (ΙΕΚ)? The steps are:

  1. Opportunity to work for a total of 960 hours, which can take place after completion of the first two semesters of study and can be either continuous or part-time.
  2. Interested students may contact the Vocational Training Institute (ΙΕΚ) Career Office for guidance on the Kinsen application process.
  3. Receiving an Employer's Certificate of Acceptance (to be completed by Kinsen).

We are looking for talented students to take on an intern position in one of the following areas:

  • Financial/Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Commercial/Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service positions

Be part of the #KinsenTeam, a team that never stops evolving!

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